Why is Blogging So Important to Your SEO Results?

16 Mar 2024 | 6 min read
Why is Blogging So Important to Your SEO Results?

We can’t stress enough how important blogging is to SEO

Blogging is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to increase the visibility of your business online. 

Regular high-quality blogging has a key role to play in helping you outperform your competitors. 

SEO-led blogging is also instrumental in moving you up search engines rankings for strategically vital keywords that your potential customers will be searching for.

Blogging to increase SERP Traffic

Blogging Must Form Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Blogs give you the opportunity to drive traffic to your website, showcase your products or services, and offer thought leadership or expertise on hot industry topics.

It’s also a fairly fuss-free content marketing activity that’s easy to scale and keep under control.

Let’s look at some stats that we think you’ll find pretty compelling:

  • Companies that blog on a regular basis benefit from 55% more website visitors than businesses that don’t
Blogging to increase Website visitors Traffic
  • Businesses with up-to-date, quality blogs enjoy 67% more leads each month than companies that haven’t put a blogging strategy in place
Blogging to increase Lead Generation
  • 86% of companies now have blogs
86% of companies now have blogs on their websites

Chetaru are blogging and SEO experts!

Chetaru will drive your business up the search rankings through tried-and-trusted high quality blogging and SEO strategies

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What’s the Purpose of SEO?

In a nutshell, SEO enables people to find your business online.
SEO is a constant and strategic digital marketing activity that will drive you up the search engine rankings for keywords and phrases that your customers or potential leads will use when trying to find a product or service that they’re interested in.

How Can SEO Help Your Business Stand Out?

Say you own, manage or are responsible for marketing a mid-size hotel near Durham that’s proud of its heritage and independent status.

How are you going to attract potential guests? Especially when you’re up against big global brands and their marketing machines?

You’re never going to outspend them in terms of advertising. And word-of-mouth is unlikely to reach those valuable international markets. Traditional marketing methods like PR and leafleting are hit-and-miss at best – and eye-wateringly expensive.

Blogging with help your business to stand out

So, what cost-effective and powerful marketing activity will enable your hotel to compete with your bigger competitors on a level playing field?

SEO-led blogging is the answer.

Professional SEO services involve a number of different tactics that will help you stand out to people looking to visit Durham or the North East, such as:

Expertly weaving keywords or phrases into your website copy that highlight stand-out offerings that your target customers will be searching for when choosing the ideal hotel for their visit e.g.

  • ‘Historic Durham hotel’
  • ‘Cosy hotel North East of England’
  • ‘Heated swimming pool’
  • ‘Family friendly hotel Durham’
  • ‘Independent Durham hotel’

Creating SEO-rich blog content that anticipates your target audiences’ questions or interests, such as:

  • ‘Things to do in Durham’
  • ‘Places to eat in Durham’

Optimising website elements like page speed that are so critical to user experience (UX)

Backlinking. In short, gaining links from other high ranking trusted websites (a very technical but very worthwhile activity) that acts as virtual rocket fuel for your SEO

SEO and Blogging Go Hand-in-Hand

Blog posts are so important to SEO success because they: 

  • Are the perfect vehicle for the fresh website content that Google loves 
  • Offer great opportunities to weave in keywords or keyphrases that make you stand out from the crowd or outperform competitors in search engine rankings
  • Attract powerful backlinking opportunities 

Fresh Content Pays Dividends on Search Engines

Blogs are the best vehicle for updating your website on a regular basis. 

And Google rewards websites for publishing original new content on a regular basis. 


Because Google likes websites that are active and appear to be run by real people that can provide answers or solutions to user questions or challenges. 

So, to return to the Durham hotel example. 

If a user types ‘Things to do in Durham’ into Google, sure, the local tourism website or ‘what’s on?’ magazine is going to rank at the top. 

But your hotel website might not be far behind in the rankings because you’ve run a well-written and thorough (but not too long!) blog on that very topic. 

And here’s the beauty: somebody in the USA that’s beginning their research into a potential vacation to historic Durham will probably use ‘Things to do in Durham’ as a Google search term. 

And if ‘cosy independent hotel with heritage’ is the kind of accommodation they’re looking for, you could be on to a winner because they’ll already be on your website! 

That one blog could therefore have already paid for itself many times over with just that one conversion. Talk about a great return on investment! 

Blogging is an Effective Way to Use Keywords

Keywords are the main ingredient of an SEO campaign.

As we’ve established, keywords are the words or phrases that people are most likely to type into Google when trying to find a product or service type.

For instance, if you are a joinery firm in Middlesbrough, your keywords would obviously need to include ‘joiner Middlesbrough’ or ‘Teesside joiner’. 

White Label SEO Blogging

But don’t stop there. There will be plenty of joinery firms in the area, and those keywords alone won’t enable you to stand out from the crowd. 

So, try to be more specific by including the type of services that someone in Middlesbrough or nearby will want from a joiner, such as

  • ‘Building bookcase’
  • ‘Install decking’ 
  • ‘Fix staircase’
  • ‘Bespoke furniture maker’

The very strong likelihood is that you will start to appear ahead of your competition on Google if it sees that you’re regularly creating quality blog content that contains keywords relevant to people searching for joinery services.

So, think about the opportunity to schedule in and write specific blogs based on these keywords. 

Blog Posts Attract Links from Other Websites

One of the key goals of SEO campaigns is to increase the number of links you receive from other high ranking and authoritative websites

The greater number of authoritative reciprocal links your website receives, the more likely Google is to reward your website with a high search ranking

Excellent blogs that contain material and stats that other people in your industry (or those researching or writing about your industry) will attract links. And, in turn, becoming a thought leader or authority in your industry is inevitably going to help drive more traffic and leads to your website.

Blogging Is Essential to Increasing the Visibility of Your Business

Blogging unquestionably helps businesses improve their SEO and overall online visibility.

There are also a number of other substantial benefits to blogging aside from SEO, like:

  • Making potential leads more likely to convert on the basis of the quality, relevance and authority of your content  

Put Your Blogging and SEO in the Hands of Experts

Just throwing some words up into a blog post without any care won’t do any good. 

As a matter of fact, Google will take a dim view if it thinks that you’re clumsily stuffing keywords into blogs to increase visibility. 

Blogging is a time-consuming, highly skilled and technical discipline. It takes a team of people – from keyword strategists, experienced copywriters, SEO executives and web designers – to get blogs up to the standard needed to boost SEO results. 

Quality is the watchword we always keep in mind when creating blogs for our clients. 

By consistently crafting high quality blog posts that offer our client’s respective potential customers actionable information relevant to their needs, we know that we will be improving their visibility, reputation and ability to convert leads. 

If you’re looking for expert SEO and blogging that can do that for your business, please email us at info@chetaru.com.

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