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Founded in India in 2010, Chetaru has gone from strength to strength. We are now a team of over 30, all dedicated to getting the most out of online activity for our clients. Even though we have recently expanded to the UK we have managed to maintain competitive prices as we stay strong to our Indian heritage and understand how to distribute work effectively to maintain streamlined costs for our clients, whilst delivering high quality results.

From our offices in the North East of England and Central India, we deliver fresh, creative and results driven solutions for our clients. We specialise in Web Design, Mobile App development, CRMs and SEO.

Euler Hermes

After discovering Chetaru online, Euler Hermes asked for a quote on developing a questionnaire for their marketing team to understand their clients better.

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Prime Aspect Windows

Prime Aspect Windows had the Digital Marketing Growth 400 service with Chetaru. After 4 months of activity the reports had showed that performance was being hindered due to the coding of the original website.

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Trish M Fashions

Trish M Fashions is the latest business started by US entrepreneur Trish Morrissette. Specialising in women’s fashion with a unique twist for women of any size, Trish M Fashions is destined to be a trendsetter in the fashion world

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Our Blog

March 13, 2018
The Basic Rules for User Experience Design

Website design principles have varied since their beginnings in the early 90s. If you ever end up on a website that looks like it’s from that era, you’ll notice some interesting choices that don’t normally appear on modern websites:...

March 6, 2018
Using Push Notifications Effectively

If you’ve ever had a smartphone in your hand, you probably get notifications from the apps you have installed. These notifications can range from company announcements sent to every app user to one discount given to a single app...

February 27, 2018
Advertising and Web Design

Among the many means of promoting products and services online, online advertising has been omnipresent throughout the internet’s history. Nearly every popular site uses advertising as its main business model and revenue stream, and is becoming a popular way...