Creating Great Content That Drives Product Sales

16 Mar 2024 | 5 min read
Creating Great Content That Drives Product Sales

2020 was the year when the online shopping market went berserk.

And if you imagine that this trend has gone into decline because physical shopping has returned, think again.

Great Content Drives Sales

Salesforce’s Q3 2021 Shopping Index showed that global online sales increased by 11% year-on-year, with the UK experiencing a massive 20% increase.

Deloitte, meanwhile, predicts that global 2021 Q4 online sales will increase another 11-15%, with the eCommerce market potentially reaching as much as $218 billion during the Christmas shopping and New Year sales season.

In short, if you have a product and you’re not selling it online – either through your own eCommerce platform or a 3rd party marketplace like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay – then you’re denying yourself the opportunity to make huge sales and outperform your competitors.

Read this blog to find out the impact that a great content strategy will have on your online sales strategy.

Why is Great Content Essential to eCommerce Sales Success?

First off, what actually is a content strategy?
A content strategy is a framework and high-level process brands use for creating digital content that drives key business objectives, such as online sales.

Content marketing, on the other hand, is the actual delivery of content i.e. creating, publishing, and promoting your brand in relevant channels, whether that be via your own website, social media, digital advertising, or, as we focus on here, eCommerce platforms.

great content helps to ecommerce success and sales

And why is content so important? Because it gives users and potential customers the information and inspiration they not only need to buy your product (or, indeed, service, if you’re a service provider) but also recommend it to their friends, family, colleagues, peers, and the wider world via reviews, ratings and social media.

Don’t think recommendations are important? Well, we’re about to blow you away here because a whopping 90% of consumers will visit a company’s website based on a review or recommendation from a stranger on the internet.

The Challenge Facing Online Brands

What’s the Number 1 barrier brands face when they’re attempting to convince customers to buy from them online?  

It’s trying to compete with or, where possible, replicate the experience of buying a product in a physical store. 

For all the obvious benefits of shopping online – whether that be convenience, the ability to shop anywhere at any time from the comfort of your sofa, or the ability to easily shop around for better deals – physical shopping does have some clear advantages. In a physical shop, we can: 

  1. Clearly see a product on the shelf, touch it and smell it
  2. Pick the up product and read the ingredients on the label 
  3. Understand why we should buy it

So, how can brands selling their products online overcome that barrier? 

By creating clear and impactful digital product content that gives online shoppers all the information and inspiration they need to make a purchasing decision.

That digital product content includes detailed product pages, fantastic product descriptions, powerful user videos, engaging imagery and those all-important customer reviews.

Your eCommerce product content and pages should ultimately enhance the online shopping experience and give shoppers everything they need to make the decision to buy your product.

great content helps in sales

Why Do You Need a Content Strategy?

But you can’t just leap into creating content.
You need a content strategy based on a clear understanding of how your target audiences behave and what they’re looking for when they’re shopping for products like yours online.
A content strategy will give you:

1. The foundation for an efficient content creation process
2. The ability to map out an ongoing plan of action
3. Constantly engage with your customers and give them what they need.

It’s the game plan that you and your brand need to succeed in what is a very competitive landscape.

Do You Have the in-House Capabilities to Deliver Great Content?

You’ll also need a content strategy to work out your internal capabilities and whether your team has the necessary skills to create valuable digital assets which positively influence buyers.
For instance, is your eCommerce website up to scratch? Is it easy to use? Does it provide potential customers with a UX (user experience) that inspires trust and confidence in your brand and products? Is it packed with engaging content?

Do you have in-house video scripting and production skills?
Would you know how to put together a keyword strategy that helps your product and brand stand out on a platform like Amazon?

Do you have a team of keyword-savvy copywriters that can provide not only clear information about the product but also create a compelling story that inspires shoppers to buy from you?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, then you need to consider partnering with a proven digital agency that can deliver powerful content strategies and cost-effective solutions.
That’s right, a digital marketing agency like Chetaru!

How We Will Deliver Great Content That Produces Online Sales

Develop a clear understanding of your target audiences

Do you really know who you’re targeting? How do those potential customers behave online? What are their shopping habits? What engages and positively influences them? And what puts them off?

If you want to successfully sell products or services online, it’s critical that you get a clear understanding of your target audiences and their behaviors.

And it just so happens that we have great methods for gaining those vital insights.

Create clear and compelling messaging

Your brand messages – whether delivered via your website, social media, online advertising or other forms of digital brand engagement – must resonate with your target customers in ways that make them feel connected to your products and your brand. 

We will help you create clear and compelling messages that not only attract new customers but keep them coming back time and again. 

Digital asset audit

Do you have gaps in your content?

The likelihood is that you do. Whether it’s keywords, videos, product descriptions or optimized images you’re missing, we’ll use our tried-and-trusted processes to find the content gaps that are holding you back.

Content Strategy and Planning 

We’ll identify the content your brand and product need to succeed in the eCommerce space and create an action-driven content calendar that will guarantee that your winning content is delivered in a timely manner e.g. hitting the sweet spots like seasonal shopping opportunities,

Content delivery

Let’s get to it!

Our team of 25+ digital experts – which includes a team of copywriters, video specialists and designers – will give your products:

  • SEO – focused titles that stand out on Google and (owned or 3rd party) eCommerce platforms 
  • Compelling product descriptions which focus on key features and benefits but also tell stories that entice and excite shoppers 
  • Clear how-to videos that show shoppers how to use your product
  • Images optimized for mobile that shows essential product information like quantity or flavors 

Constantly Evaluate and Improve 

It’s essential to continually measure the impact your content is having on online sales and how it can be improved. 

Like all great digital marketing teams, we’re dedicated to continually improving the content we deliver on your behalf. 

Why not put your eCommerce content into expert hands? Email us at 

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