Why Digital Marketing Services Will Help Grow Your Business

16 Mar 2024 | 8 min read
Why Digital Marketing Services Will Help Grow Your Business

Chetaru is a leading digital marketing agency that works in harmony with you to grow your business and develop your brand into a powerhouse.

No matter the size of your business, Chetaru’s digital marketing services agency will steer you to success through its expertise and comprehensive, extremely competitively-priced offering.

At Chetaru, we build epically strong relationships with our clients and deliver best-in-class digital marketing services that drive traffic, increase brand visibility and boost conversions.

What Digital Marketing Services Can Do for Your Business (in a nutshell)

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and major consumer behaviour trends mean that there has never been a more important time to stand out from the crowd.
You not only need to grab the attention of potential audiences but convert them into active customers. Because, if you don’t, a competitor will.

Digital Marketing Agency

Chetaru’s digital marketing services are here to help you:

  • Build your brand and create a compelling brand story that works seamlessly across multiple channels to attract and retain the interest of potential customers
  • Reach an enormous and segmented customer base in a way that is targeted, measurable and sustainable
  • Engage customers in a way that is far more cost-effective and potentially impactful than most traditional marketing methods
  • Really get to know your audiences, their behaviours and what they like – and you can leverage these rich insights to interact with them through tailored and personalised messaging that drives sales and brand loyalty

All of which will boost your brand’s visibility and grow your business. What’s not to like?

Marketing Before the Digital Age

Pre-internet and the dawn of content marketing, brands faced a near impossible, Sisyphean task when it came to gaining market share through marketing in their respective sectors and verticals.


Because, regardless of how awesome your product or service offering might have been, you had such limited opportunities to tell the right people about it in a scientifically measurable and effective way.

There were – relative to today’s plethora of digital platforms – so few channels to reach audiences through.

And these channels – whether TV/radio advertising, print advertising, PR, billboard posters, printed brochures, glossy catalogues or leafleting – cost a lot of money.

Further still, the effectiveness of these channels was highly questionable, owing to audience data and targeting being pretty crude and inaccurate in comparison with modern data analytics. Not to mention that commissioning your own research was eye-wateringly expensive. And everything marketing-related just took so long.

Digital Marketing Services

So, what did that mean?

It meant that the big boys dominated the airwaves, newspaper or magazine column inches, the media agenda, public consciousness and, therefore, market share – because they could afford to pay big advertising, PR, creative and research services agencies mountains of cash to take them to lofty heights and keep them there.

There really were so few ways of disrupting the status quo and for newcomers or smaller businesses to get a look-in.

Digital Marketing Services Have Levelled the Playing Field

Ah, but then something happened.

Something big.

And that something big was the World Wide Web, as the old folks call it. The internet. And, more pertinently, what the internet and the potential of digital marketing services could do for businesses of all sizes and types.

All of a sudden, a start-up business or a small manufacturer or authentic food producer in a tiny rural village could build a website as a shop window to the world and sell its goods to people living on the other side of the planet.

Or a disruptive tech software company could use a creative email marketing campaign to persuade a massive financial firm to ditch its traditional, outdated service provider in their favour.

A savvy pet insurance company open to new marketing methods could use this new-fangled Google search engine thingy to reach potential customers by putting itself top of relevant results pages – ahead of some of the biggest and most-well-established brands in the world.

Hell, if you’re looking for an example of how quickly and exponentially digital marketing services can grow a business, you only need to look at Amazon. 25 years ago, it was just one bloke at a rented desk selling books. It would never catch on, so some people thought. And look at how much of a behemoth it is now – thanks, in the main, to the extraordinary power digital marketing has to target and reach new customers across the globe.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing Services

OK, so that’s enough of the history lesson.

The main advantages of digital marketing services are that they allow businesses to reach targeted audiences in a cost-effective and measurable way. Other advantages of digital marketing services include increasing brand loyalty and driving online sales.

Here Are Some of the Benefits in Context:

Greater reach

A website offering a great user experience (UX) will enable your business to find new markets across the globe – or, more locally, if you prefer.

More Bang for Your Buck

A strategic well-planned and expertly executed digital marketing campaign will positively engage the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.

Measure and optimise

Measuring your digital marketing with website analytics and other online tools makes it easier to establish how effective your campaigns are. This information can be used to gather a great picture of how your target audiences are behaving, and what you can do to improve engagements with them that result in more sales.

Tailor your marketing messages

People researching and buying online respond extremely well to tailored or personalised user experiences that reflect their behaviours and preferences.

Amplify your brand

Great social media strategy and execution will not only increase your brand’s visibility and engagement levels but also build customer loyalty and enhance your reputation.

Convert, convert, convert

Websites aren’t there to just look pretty. A great website prioritising user experience above all else will hugely increase casual browsers into active buyers.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Services

What Digital Marketing Services Does Chetaru Offer?

What can Chetaru’s digital marketing services do for your business?

Chetaru offers a combination of strategic and tactical digital marketing services that will build your brand and help your business achieve extraordinary growth:

1. Website design and development
2. Innovative app development
3. Content marketing
4. SEO
5. PPC
6. Social media management
7. Email marketing
8. Conversion rate optimisation

Website Design and Development
A poor website experience will put potential customers off buying products or services from you. 90 percent of people say that they would rather go to a competitor than shop or do business with a brand that gives them a poor website experience. Yes, that means that your website could be losing you customer, leads and sales. Bespoke web design and development services will not only stop the leak but also help your brand stand out from and beat the competition.

Website Design and Development

A poor website experience will put potential customers off buying products or services from you. 90 percent of people say that they would rather go to a competitor than shop or do business with a brand that gives them a poor website experience. Yes, that means that your website could be losing you customer, leads and sales. Bespoke web design and development services will not only stop the leak but also help your brand stand out from and beat the competition.

Web Design Agency

Building Mobile Apps

Today, more than ever – especially with the huge spike in the popularity of online shopping during the coronavirus – we use our phones to browse and buy. Online buyers like nothing more than convenience and great user experiences – and a great mobile app can offer those in bucketfuls. Suitable for startups and large-scale businesses alike, mobile apps will give your brand a boost to outperform competition and reinforce your identity.

Content Marketing

Companies with coherent content marketing strategies enjoy six times more conversions than those that don’t. 90% of companies use inbound marketing to create leads – and data-driven content marketing will allow you to engage with shoppers and clients along every stage of their respective buying journeys.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There’s a very good reason why around three-quarters businesses invest in search engine optimisation (SEO) – it plays a big part in increasing invisibility and creating a competitive advantage. But only if done well. Your SEO service provider will need to have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results through cost-effective methods.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

An influential report on the state of digital marketing says that 54% of people exposed to digital advertising like pay-per-click (PPC) while shopping or researching services say that it helps them come to purchasing decisions. People that click online advertisements are 50 percent more likely to make a purchase. A custom pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategies will help your business reach and convert high-value consumers and business buyers.

Social Media Management

An increasing number of people now rely on social media for product and service recommendations, with almost 75 percent of people using channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and even TikTok when making purchase decisions. But the game is becoming ever-more competitive, making it very tough to gain traction, grow your brand and drive sales without a great strategy built on key customer insights and experience.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing may have been around for some time, but it’s still the most effective digital marketing channel around, delivering an impressive return on investment (ROI) of$32.50 for every$1 spent. Good email marketing strategies and executions will generate and nurture leads and drive repeat purchases.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Your website’s usability, design and content all have huge parts to play in enabling shoppers or potential clients to make purchasing decisions. Your digital marketing agency provider should give your website a competitive edge with integrated conversion rate optimisation (CRO) services that enable you to make great decisions about your website that help you match user customer behaviours.

How Much Do Chetaru’s Digital Marketing Services Cost?

Chetaru delivers highly competitive monthly retained or more ad hoc digital marketing services for clients of all shapes and sizes.
Prices range from $1500 per month to $5000 per month.
Please contact us to find out more details about our pricing for a tailored full service offering or for individual services like website design, brand book creation, creative digital assets, ecommerce website, copywriting and competitor keyword research.

Let’s give your business the attention it deserves and help it grow exponentially through Chetaru’s digital marketing services. Email us at info@chetaru.com for a free consultation.

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