We’re Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary!

2 Jul 2024 | 2 min read
We’re Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary!

We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary! Woo-hoo!

That’s 10 years of Grow, Evolve and Connect.

Chetaru UK Team

10 years of helping businesses of all shapes and sizes across the world create sustainable success and drive leads through great digital journeys that delight their customers.

So, What Does That Look Like in Numbers?

800+ websites

100+ eCommerce websites

50+ innovative and robust native Apps built from scratch

30 members of staff (we started out with just two) in our offices in Darlington, UK and Indore, India

Projects and long-term relationships with clients in countries across the globe (including Australia, Germany, Holland, France, USA, India, Canada and the UK)

And… lots and lots of happy clients!


  • 2019 Brand Leadership Award 
  • 2019-20 Women of Worth Award for our Co-Founder Chetena Verma

Where It All Started

Chetaru was founded by Chetena and Tarun in Indore, India. 

Chetaru India Team

The two were determined to make their vision of a digital marketing services agency providing businesses of all kinds across the world with the best digital journeys a reality. 

And that’s just what they’ve done! 

10 years later, and Chetaru now not only has a team of 25+ coding, SEOdigital strategyweb development, design, UX and app building experts in Indore, but also a team of Digital Connect Managers, strategy, content and copywriting specialists in the office we opened in Darlington, UK in 2016.

Chetaru India Team

What’s Happened Since?

Well, we’ve taken over the world!

OK, not quite.

But we’ve certainly been making waves, leaving virtually no industry sector untouched.

And we’ve used the invaluable experience and insights gained to develop the powerful Digital Connect process that now makes us such a force to be reckoned with – and, most importantly, enables our clients to Grow, Evolve, Connect.

Digital Connect Process

Why reaching this milestone means so much

10 years is a long time for a digital agency to have been around.

Especially considering the ever-growing challenges that we – and other businesses – are facing in a rapidly changing world (and that’s without even mentioning the impact of COVID-19!). 

While we’re happy to reflect on our longevity, adaptability, creativity and all those great things, do you know what we’re actually most proud of? 

Seeing the success of our clients, and how we helped them get where they are now – that’s what.

Do you want to see how we’ve done it? 

And learn about our dedication to constantly improving the digital journeys we build for businesses across the world? 

Find out more about Digital Connect and how it helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to Grow, Evolve and Connect. 

Get in touch today

And if you want a friendly, no obligation chat with one of our team to discuss how we can help you build a journey to digital success,
You can ping an email to info@chetaru.com, if you’d prefer.

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