Our Commitment to Being the Best HPTM® – High Performing Chetaruvians

16 Mar 2024 | 4 min read
Our Commitment to Being the Best HPTM® – High Performing Chetaruvians

HPTM® – the concept of High Performing Teams championed by our client Tribe 365® –  has helped Chetaru develop an environment where we all know each of us is committed and believes 110% in our ‘Grow, Evolve, Connect’ vision. 

hptm session at chetaru

Not only are we all committed to this vision, but we also all ensure everyone in each of our teams agrees with every step we take forward as an organisation. 

We know that each of us has – and should have – other distractions (whether those be family responsibilities or otherwise), and we all manage these as a team to ensure each one of us is supported at all times. 

That way, we can find perfect balance between what we do ‘at work’ and everything else in our lives. 

Operational Honesty & Shared Understanding

Above all, we have developed an environment that encourages 100% honesty anytime any one of us is off our game or being put off their game. 

Once we have that knowledge and insight into how our colleague is feeling, we can help them offload whatever has happened as quickly as possible, thereby enabling us to find ways forward that deliver maximum enjoyment and happiness at work – which, in turn, converts into high performance. 

All our team members buy into the HPTM® philosophy, and use the Tribe365® app on a daily basis to make sure we constantly remain close to its guiding principles.

We launched our HPTM® video at the end of 2020, after the leadership team had been taken on an intensive HPTM programme. 

We also run HPTM® team development sessions and regularly check our data to keep all our teams in the best possible place. 

HPTM programme

Teamwork – 100% Visibility and Transparency on projects

We use project management software Teamwork to record our daily activities. This helps us align all our work in a highly orderly fashion and gives us great visibility of each others’ workloads, thereby allowing us to better plan the activations we deliver for clients.

This has led us to a fantastic place where everyone knows everything that is going on at all times. 

We also give our clients access to their own secure and confidential area of Teamwork, so that they can see everything that’s going on, marvel at our output and suggest adjustments where needed. 

All our work is aligned to client service/product streams, which makes it easy to see where our focus is. 

Digital Connect – the Chetaru Way

After years of experimentation, we have hit upon ways of working that allow us to constantly hit the sweet spot and keep everything on the same path. 

While some agencies create standalone flashy pieces of work like blogs/social media posts/email marketing/video in isolation, we have learnt that these one-offs are often left isolated and, ultimately, low-performing. 

Digital Connect

Exciting as these whizzbang activations might have seemed at the time, the agency and client will come to realise that they’ve actually not created the desired long-term impact, and have therefore been something of a waste of time and money. 

We may even have taken this approach ourselves in the past, but have now stopped doing so. 

Now, all our clients are channelled towards embracing Digital Connect. 

Digital Solutions is our full digital service delivered by a collaborative 25-strong team. The principle behind Digital Solutions is that every bit of work we deliver is as high performing as it can be, remains within budget and is a true extension of our clients. 

No piece of work begins without being fully researched and assessed according to its potential efficacy. If we don’t think that a campaign will create a positive long-term impact for the client, we will recommend that it is shelved. 

On the other hand, if we do think the campaign or project worthwhile, we will:

  • Pull together our battle plan, giving one another full visibility of how each part will fit together
  • Assign element to relevant internal expert team
  • Create first drafts
  • Fine tune those drafts based on thorough, objective feedback
  • Test, test, test and test again!
  • Gain approval from you, the client
  • Evaluate the success and use learnings from the data to make improvements to future delivery (we’re big believers in the idea of continuous improvement)

We’d love to achieve great long-term results for your business.

So, if our approach sounds good to you, get in touch at info@chetaru.com to start your digital journey to success today!

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