Attracting New Customers with Dynamic Email Marketing

By Ryan Shotton

How to make Email Marketing work for you

At one point, email was a vital tool to generate interest in your company. Before the advent of Web 2.0, selling and marketing your products by email was a driving force in many businesses, bringing small start-up firms to national or even global interest. While email marketing may look redundant now with social media services like Twitter and LinkedIn stealing the spotlight, emails are still an important aspect of how we do business around the world. With all the hustle and bustle of social media, emails are the quieter, more professional way to catch the eye of those looking for your services.

Many will tell you that email marketing is a lost cause – an expensive way to gain relatively few customers. But by and large, these people haven’t figured out how to distinguish your emails from the myriad of emails that get automatically thrown in the junk folder or ignored by the recipient. With some planning and brainstorming, you can develop an email campaign that attracts customers from all walks of life.

Who do you look for?

This is the first barrier to setting up an email campaign. Where and how do you get people to willingly give you their email? You don’t want to get spammed, or your personal information stolen. Getting someone’s email involves getting their trust. Offer them something they would be interested in, maybe a free financial consultation if you’re a financial advisor or a newsletter with interesting topics if you’re a charity. An obvious Call to Action (COA) is necessary, don’t waste people’s time and get straight to the point.

After this, you should start gathering interest from people actively looking for your services.

Stand out from the static

People are frequently inundated with obnoxious, poorly written and ugly emails from marketing companies, websites, and organizations which all just blur together into an annoying distraction from more important emails. In short, they become white noise.

Figuring out why these emails get ignored is a vital first step to producing a successful email campaign. Remember that your target audience is taking time away from more important things to read these emails, so be polite and don’t ‘push’ them into looking at what you’re selling. If they’re interested in what you’re selling, they won’t need the ‘push’. Make sure to space out your emails so your emails don’t look like yet more spam or don’t look the same as the last one they received.

Getting Past the Blacklist

Email providers and networks do their best to prevent spam from being received by their users. Unfortunately, these automated systems frequently catch legitimate emails in the net due to certain aspects of these emails setting the system off. In technical terms, these emails have ‘bounced’.

Thankfully, there are ways of getting around this. There are a variety of email marketing providers that will get through the net: MailChimp, AWeber, Campaigner and many others. You can also ask the recipients to add you to their address book: this automatically whitelists your emails, so they’ll get through every time.

Now you’re at the point where you’ll have regularly scheduled emails, being received and read by willing recipients. Now, what about the content?

Stay Relevant and Interesting

Your emails should be going to people who have a genuine interest in your service. Keeping that interest is integral, and often the easiest stumbling block. People aren’t reading your emails just to receive endless sales pitches, so keep the sales pitch to a minimum and focus on what they would like to know about you and your services. Announce milestones in your company’s development, such as a new famous client or a new office branch. Deliver a message to your clients that show you appreciate their interest.

Making your newsletter or email into something worth reading is certainly difficult: it requires staff capable of creating interesting content on a frequent basis, and careful managing of your email schedule so they go out when you, and your readers, expect them. But it’s a challenge worth rising to.

A successful email marketing campaign looks like a daunting task at first, but following these basic steps will guarantee that your email campaign doesn’t falter at the first hurdle. There are a variety of companies that can build your email marketing campaign for you, including Chetaru. Take a look and see if we’re right for your company!

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