The Brief

The Change Consultancy is a forward thinking change management consultancy with the primary goal of ensuring change is done better. With no previous online presence, The Change Consultancy approached us for the design and development of their website and mobile app.
The idea was to create a sleek website with eye catching design and professional look.

Client: The Change Consultancy

Category: Design & Contract

Year: 2016

Website Design

The website is developed in WordPress with the use of few custom plugins like Advance Custom Post Pro, enabling the client to update the content quickly at the back end. We have taken care of SEO too while development and has made sure the site is SEO friendly. The site is responsive and works well on all the browsers across all devices.

ChangeIt App Development

The ChangeIt App allows users/employees from different organizations to report what is wrong or if any change is needed. The App is the perfect solution for people who like to see things improve. Users can dictate what is wrong along with the Location and Image. All the information is collected by The Change Consultancy and reported to the organization which needs to change. We have developed the App for both App Store and Play Store using Xcode and Android Studio respectively.

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