What An iOS Developer Needs to Know

By Ganesh Kumar Selvam

Undoubtedly, we are living in the Mobile Era. Mobile engagement is already replacing desktop computing. Every day more and more developers are developing new mobile apps for both iOS and Android. iOS developers are expected to develop intuitive and eye-catching apps that look great on both smaller iPhone and larger iPad screens.

Are you wondering about how to polish your iOS development skills? I have accumulated the list of things you need to know as a must. Being an experienced iOS developer, I have explained them briefly here:

The Basics:

When a beginner starts creating iOS apps frequently, they can create iOS apps on a Windows based PC. iPhone app development is possible on a Windows PC but can be challenging; you’ll need a Mac for Apple Store submission.
Apple offered various tools to develop an iOS app and suggests that you use Macs for your app development project. If you have a Mac that runs the latest iOS software version, you are good to go.


Apple has created Swift – a programming language, specifically for developing apps. This language is used for all future development for iOS apps, so remember as much of it as you can! You’ll need to be sure you are comfortable with:

  • Basic syntax
  • Control flow
  • Optionals
  • Inheritance, classes and Initialization
  • Objective-C interoperability
  • Error handling

Spatial Reasoning:

The ability to visualise and think in 3D, and understanding the spatial relations between objects, is critical for successful app developers. When you design interfaces for Apple Watch, the new Apple TV or the iPhone, you must be aware of how users interact with your apps. So you need to:

  • Perceive the types of inputs/controls available for different platforms
  • Be the user of the devices that you are focusing on so that you can reason about them!

Design guidelines:

Successful iPhone apps are admired and known for being supremely intuitive.  The reason behind this is that these apps abide by a set of design guidelines: how data is stored and displayed to users is handled in a very specific way. You need to know design patterns to create your own intuitive apps. You’ll need to learn things like:

  • Delegate pattern: common way of sending information (one sender, one receiver)
  • MVC (Model View Controller)


another common way of sending information (one sender, multiple receivers)


For the necessity of networking in app development, try to think of an app on your device that does not interact with the internet. It isn’t possible because every app that we use run on a network in some way. For this, it is vital for you to know how to send and receive data from the network. It can be done through JavaScript Object Notation. That might sound complicated when you are not familiar with it, but it’s a standard format that’s relatively straightforward to use.
These are the common things that every iOS developer should know. So, keep yourself up-to-date using these resources and become an in-demand iOS developer.

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