Etsy Alternatives for Selling Handmade Products

18 Jun 2024 | 10 min read
Etsy Alternatives for Selling Handmade Products

Etsy is a popular platform for selling handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies, attracting a large audience of buyers who appreciate unique products. However, there are several reasons why sellers might seek alternatives. The fees on Etsy can add up quickly, with charges for listings, transactions, and payment processing. Additionally, the high level of competition makes it difficult for new sellers to stand out and get noticed. Furthermore, Etsy may lack certain features that sellers need, such as more store customization options or better integration with other sales channels. Exploring other platforms can help sellers find a better fit, save on fees, and reduce competition.

Key Considerations When Choosing an Etsy Alternative

When choosing an alternative to Etsy, consider several key factors to ensure the platform meets your needs.

  • Target Audience and Market Reach: Understand who uses the platform and if it aligns with your products. A platform with a large, active audience interested in handmade goods can boost your sales.
  • Fees and Pricing Structures: Look at the costs involved. Some platforms have lower fees, while others might offer better value for certain types of sales or higher volumes.
  • Customization and Branding Options: Check if the platform allows you to customize your store. This can help you create a unique brand identity that stands out.
  • Ease of Use and Setup: Choose an easy platform to set up and manage. A user-friendly interface saves you time and effort.
  • Integration with Other Tools and Platforms: Make sure the platform integrates well with tools you already use, like payment processors, shipping services, and marketing tools.
  • Support and Community Resources: Good customer support and a helpful community can make a big difference, especially if you run into issues or need advice. Look for platforms that offer strong support and active user communities.

Detailed Overview of Etsy Alternatives

When looking for alternatives to Etsy, exploring various platforms that cater to handmade and unique products is important. Each alternative has its features, advantages, and potential drawbacks. This detailed overview will help you understand the different options available, allowing you to find the best fit for your business needs. Whether you’re seeking lower fees, better customization, or a different target audience, these platforms offer a range of possibilities to help you grow your handmade business effectively.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is a section of Amazon dedicated to artisans and crafters. It provides a platform for selling handmade products to a global audience. Sellers benefit from Amazon’s vast customer base and trusted reputation. The platform offers features like Prime shipping, which can attract more buyers.

Ideal for Sellers with a Large Inventory

Amazon Handmade is ideal for sellers who have a large inventory and can handle high demand. The platform’s extensive reach and Prime shipping options can significantly boost sales for those who can keep up with the volume.


Shopify is a comprehensive e-commerce platform allowing you to create and manage your online store. It offers a wide range of customizable templates and powerful tools to help you design your site, manage inventory, process payments, and analyze sales data. Shopify also supports numerous integrations with third-party apps, enhancing its functionality.

Suitable for Building a Standalone Online Store

Shopify is perfect for building a standalone online store. It gives you full control over your branding and customer experience. The platform is user-friendly, making it easy for beginners to set up their store while also offering advanced features for more experienced users. With Shopify, you can create a professional, fully functional online store tailored to your specific business needs.


Squarespace is a website-building platform known for its beautiful, designer-quality templates. It offers a variety of tools to create a visually stunning online store, including drag-and-drop functionality, built-in SEO features, and responsive design templates. Squarespace also provides e-commerce capabilities, allowing you to sell products, manage inventory, and process payments seamlessly.

Best for Sellers Focused on Design and Aesthetics

Squarespace is ideal for sellers who prioritize design and aesthetics. Its elegant templates and easy-to-use customization options help you create a unique and visually appealing store. If you want your online presence to reflect your brand’s artistic vision and style, Squarespace is a top choice. The platform’s emphasis on design ensures your products are showcased in the best possible light.

Big Cartel

It offers an easy setup process and straightforward management tools. With Big Cartel, you can quickly create a simple, stylish online store. The platform provides a variety of themes, and you can customize your site with basic coding skills. Big Cartel also integrates with tools like Google Analytics and Facebook.

Ideal for Small-Scale Artists and Crafters

Big Cartel is perfect for small-scale artists and crafters. It offers a free plan for up to five products, making it accessible for those just starting out. The platform’s simplicity and focus on creative professionals make it a great choice for those who want an affordable, no-frills solution to sell their handmade items online. If you have a small inventory and value ease of use, Big Cartel is a fitting option.


Wix is a versatile website builder that allows you to create and manage an online store with ease. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, making customization simple even for beginners. Wix provides a wide range of templates, design options, built-in SEO tools, and mobile optimization. Additionally, Wix supports various e-commerce features such as product galleries, secure payments, and inventory management.

Versatile for Various Business Types:

Wix suits various business types, from small startups to established brands. Its flexibility and extensive customization options enable you to tailor your site to your specific needs, whether you’re selling handmade crafts, digital products, or services. With Wix, you can create a professional-looking store that meets your business’s unique demands, making it a highly adaptable choice for entrepreneurs in different industries.


Goimagine is an online marketplace dedicated to handmade and artisan products. It offers a user-friendly platform for sellers to showcase their creations. Goimagine focuses on providing a supportive community for artisans, featuring simple setup processes and customizable storefronts. The platform emphasizes transparency with its straightforward fee structure, making it easy for sellers to understand costs.

Known for Its Philanthropic Approach

What sets Goimagine apart is its commitment to philanthropy. The platform donates 100% of its profits to charities that help children in need. This socially responsible approach attracts sellers and buyers who want their purchases to have a positive impact. By choosing Goimagine, sellers can contribute to meaningful causes while growing their businesses, aligning their passion for crafting with a greater purpose.


It offers a range of features, including mobile optimization, secure payment processing, and comprehensive inventory management. Ecwid provides a seamless shopping experience across different devices, and its interface is easy to use, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced sellers.

Great for Integrating with Existing Websites

Ecwid excels at integrating with existing websites, whether they are built on WordPress, Joomla, or other platforms. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses with a website and wanting to add e-commerce functionality without starting from scratch. Using Ecwid, you can enhance your current site with robust online selling capabilities, providing a smooth and efficient way to expand your business online.


ArtFire is an online marketplace tailored for artisans, crafters, and vintage sellers. It provides sellers a platform to list their handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies. ArtFire offers customizable storefronts, robust analytics, and marketing tools to help sellers reach a broader audience. The user-friendly platform makes it easy to set up and manage your shop.

Focus on Handmade and Vintage Items

ArtFire strongly emphasizes handmade and vintage products. This focus attracts buyers specifically looking for unique, high-quality items that can’t be found in typical retail stores. By selling on ArtFire, you join a community of creators dedicated to craftsmanship and originality. This specialized market helps your products stand out and reach customers who appreciate the value of handmade and vintage goods.


Weebly is a website builder with strong e-commerce capabilities. It provides various tools to assist in creating an online store, including customizable templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and integrated payment processing. Weebly also offers SEO tools, mobile optimization, and inventory management features, making it a complete solution for online sellers.

User-Friendly with Robust E-Commerce Capabilities:

Weebly is easy for anyone to build and manage an online store without technical expertise. Its robust e-commerce features allow you to efficiently handle everything from product listings to order fulfillment. Weebly is a great choice for those who want a straightforward, effective way to set up an online store and start selling quickly.


eBay is a global online marketplace known for its auction-style listings and “Buy It Now” options. It offers a platform for selling various products, including handmade goods, vintage items, and collectibles. eBay provides tools for inventory management, shipping, and customer communication. Sellers benefit from eBay’s extensive reach and built-in audience.

Large Audience with a Broad Product Range

eBay attracts millions of buyers worldwide, offering a vast product marketplace. This large audience increases the chances of finding buyers for your handmade or vintage items. The platform’s flexibility in listing styles and robust selling tools make it valuable for reaching a broad customer base and maximizing sales opportunities.


WooCommerce is a robust e-commerce plugin for WordPress that turns any WordPress site into a complete online store. It comes with a wide range of features including customizable storefronts, secure payment options, inventory management, and a large selection of plugins and extensions to enhance functionality. WooCommerce is highly flexible, enabling you to customize your store to meet specific business needs.

Best for WordPress Users

WooCommerce is the ideal choice for WordPress users. Its seamless integration with WordPress provides a familiar interface and leverages the extensive capabilities of the WordPress ecosystem. This makes it easy to manage both your website and online store from a single dashboard. Suppose you already use WordPress or plan to build your site on it. In that case, WooCommerce offers the best solution for adding robust e-commerce functionality to your platform.


Storenvy is an e-commerce platform that combines the benefits of a marketplace with customizable store options. It offers a marketplace where you can list your products alongside other sellers and a personalized store where you can create a unique brand experience. Storenvy provides tools for inventory management, order tracking, and marketing, making it easy to run your online business.

Combines Marketplace and Customizable Store Options

Storenvy stands out by offering both a marketplace and customizable store options. This dual approach allows you to benefit from the traffic and exposure of a shared marketplace while maintaining a unique storefront that reflects your brand. You can easily customize your store’s appearance and functionality to suit your needs, making Storenvy a versatile choice for sellers looking to expand their reach and establish a distinctive online presence.


Folksy is an online marketplace selling handmade goods, art, and crafts. It is specifically designed to support UK-based makers, providing a platform to showcase and sell their creations. Folksy offers customizable storefronts, easy listing tools, and various promotional features to help sellers reach a wider audience.

Popular in the UK for Handmade Goods

Folksy is particularly popular in the UK for handmade goods. It attracts buyers looking for unique, high-quality items made by local artisans. The platform’s focus on the UK market helps sellers connect with a dedicated audience that values craftsmanship and originality. If you are a UK-based maker looking to reach local customers who appreciate handmade products, Folksy is an excellent choice.


ArtYah is an online marketplace dedicated to vintage and handmade items. It allows artists, crafters, and vintage sellers to showcase their unique products. ArtYah offers customizable storefronts, detailed listing options, and community forums to support sellers. The user-friendly platform makes it easy to set up and manage your shop.

Emphasis on Vintage and Handmade Items

ArtYah emphasizes vintage and handmade items, attracting buyers who are specifically looking for one-of-a-kind products. This focus helps sellers reach an audience that appreciates the value and craftsmanship of unique, non-mass-produced items. Suppose you specialize in vintage or handmade goods. In that case, ArtYah provides a supportive environment and a dedicated customer base for your products.


iCraft is an online marketplace dedicated exclusively to handmade items. It provides a platform for artisans and crafters to sell their unique, handcrafted products. iCraft offers customizable storefronts, detailed product listings, and marketing tools to help sellers promote their goods. The platform is straightforward to use, making it accessible for both new and experienced sellers.

Exclusively for Handmade Items

iCraft is ideal for sellers who focus solely on handmade products. By maintaining a strict handmade-only policy, iCraft ensures buyers specifically seek unique, handcrafted items. This exclusivity helps sellers connect with an audience that values creativity and craftsmanship, making it a great platform for artisans dedicated to handmade goods.

Methodology for Choosing the Right Platform

Selecting the right platform for selling handmade goods involves evaluating several key factors.

  • For Unique and Artistic Items: Consider platforms like Etsy, ArtFire, and Folksy, which have dedicated audiences for handmade and vintage products.
  • For Larger Inventories: Platforms like Amazon Handmade and eBay can handle higher volumes and offer extensive reach.
  • For Customizable Storefronts: Shopify and Squarespace provide robust customization options, ideal for creating a unique brand experience.
  • For Multi-Channel Selling: Zibbet and Bonanza allow you to list your products on multiple platforms, increasing your reach and sales potential.

Exploring Etsy alternatives offers numerous benefits, including lower fees, reduced competition, and unique features tailored to different seller needs. By trying different platforms, you can find the best fit for your handmade business, enhancing your reach and sales potential. In order to build a successful online business, it’s important to choose the right platform that meets your goals and appeals to your audience. If you’re thinking of moving away from Etsy, Chetaru can help with the migration process, ensuring a seamless transition and assisting you in setting up a robust eCommerce website on your new platform. Embracing the chance to expand and adjust will enable you to establish a flourishing online store for your handmade products.

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