The Rise of Dark Black Websites: Benefits, Key Elements, and Notable Examples

5 Jun 2024 | 10 min read
The Rise of Dark Black Websites: Benefits, Key Elements, and Notable Examples


Dark mode is a popular trend in web design. Websites use dark or black backgrounds with light text and elements. This design choice is visually appealing and offers several benefits, making it a favorite among designers and users.

The growing popularity of dark mode is due to its sleek, modern look and practical advantages. It helps reduce eye strain in low-light settings, making it more comfortable for users to read and browse. On OLED and AMOLED screens, dark mode saves battery life by using less power for black pixels. Additionally, dark mode enhances focus by minimizing distractions, allowing key content like images and text to stand out clearly.

Notable Examples of Dark Mode Websites


MTV’s website uses a black theme with white and yellow accents. This design creates a youthful, cutting-edge image that aligns perfectly with the brand’s identity. The dark background helps the bright elements stand out, making the site visually striking and engaging. White text ensures readability, while yellow accents highlight important features, adding a vibrant and dynamic touch. This design choice reflects MTV’s innovative and trendy nature, appealing to its young audience and keeping the content fresh and appealing. Using this color scheme, MTV successfully combines modern aesthetics with user-friendly design.

Zee Frames

Zee Frames’ website features dark overlays on full-page images, creating a striking visual effect. The minimalist white logos stand against the dark background, ensuring brand recognition. Orange accents are used sparingly to highlight key elements and draw attention to important areas. This combination of dark overlays, simple white logos, and bright orange accents creates a clean and modern look. It enhances the visual appeal while maintaining a user-friendly experience. The design is stylish and functional, making the content easy to navigate and engage with. This approach reflects Zee Frames’ commitment to both aesthetics and usability.

The Quake

The Quake’s website uses a dark red background, bright red heading, and white paragraph text. This color scheme creates a sense of urgency and importance, fitting the site’s focus on earthquake safety. The bright red headings immediately catch the user’s attention, while the white paragraph text ensures readability against the dark background. This design choice effectively communicates the critical nature of the content while maintaining visual clarity. The contrasting colors help organize the information, making it easy for users to follow and understand the key messages. The Quake’s approach balances visual impact with functional design, enhancing the site’s aesthetic appeal and usability.


WorldCoin’s website features a mix of dark and white backgrounds, creating a striking visual contrast. Large white fonts ensure readability and make important text stand out. The site also incorporates dark overlay videos, which add depth and a modern touch to the overall design. This combination of elements helps highlight key information and keeps the user engaged. The dark and white backgrounds clearly separate different sections, making the site easy to navigate. WorldCoin’s design effectively balances visual appeal and functionality, offering a user-friendly experience that aligns with the brand’s modern and innovative image.


Blizzard’s website makes a dramatic use of dark mode, creating a striking visual impact. The overall dark theme is complemented by a Prussian blue footer, which adds a touch of sophistication and depth to the design. This color choice enhances the site’s aesthetic appeal while ensuring important elements stand out clearly. The dark mode helps focus the user’s attention on the content and visuals, making the browsing experience more immersive. Blizzard’s design approach balances bold, dramatic visuals with user-friendly elements, ensuring the site is both attractive and easy to navigate. This effective use of color and layout underscores Blizzard’s innovative and engaging brand identity.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro’s website uses a high-contrast black-and-white design to create a clean and modern look. This design highlights product images and text, making them stand out sharply against the dark background. White text on a black background ensures readability and draws attention to key information. The minimalist approach focuses on the product, allowing the sleek design of the AirPods Pro to take center stage. This effective contrast enhances the visual appeal and ensures a user-friendly experience. Apple’s design strategy emphasizes clarity and simplicity, reflecting the brand’s commitment to aesthetics and functionality.

National Geographic

National Geographic’s website uses a high-contrast black and white design to create a visually engaging experience. This design choice highlights the top stories, making them stand out against the dark background. The white text on the black background ensures readability and draws the reader’s attention to the main content. This approach helps to highlight the striking images and important information that National Geographic is known for. The use of contrast not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures that the site’s content is easily accessible and engaging for users. This design strategy aligns with National Geographic’s commitment to providing impactful and visually rich storytelling.

Drip Haus

Drip Haus’s website features a deep black background, creating a bold and immersive experience. The bright, sharp images stand out vividly against this dark backdrop, immediately capturing the user’s attention. Clean white accents are used strategically to highlight important elements and ensure readability. This contrast between the dark background and bright visuals enhances the overall aesthetic and makes the content more engaging. The design is both modern and functional, ensuring that users can easily navigate and enjoy the site. Drip Haus’s approach effectively combines visual impact with user-friendly design, reflecting its focus on high-quality digital content and user experience.

Nexxt Group

Nexxt Group’s website features animations with several colors on a dark background. This design choice enhances text readability by providing a high contrast between the text and the background. The colorful animations add visual interest and help guide the user’s attention to key areas of the site. This combination of dark background and vibrant animations creates a dynamic and engaging user experience. The modern and functional design ensures users can easily navigate the site and find the necessary information. Nexxt Group effectively balances visual appeal with usability, making the content attractive and accessible.

GD Stones

GD Stones’ website features a marble-textured background that gives it a sophisticated and elegant look. The minimalist navigation ensures that users can easily find their way around the site without being overwhelmed by too many options. Using white and yellow text against the dark background enhances readability and highlights key information. This design creates a clean, modern aesthetic that aligns with the brand’s high-quality image. The marble texture adds a touch of luxury. At the same time, the simple navigation and contrasting text colors make the site user-friendly. GD Stones effectively combines visual appeal with functionality, making the browsing experience attractive and efficient.


DoublePoint’s website features discreet menu navigation that keeps the interface clean and user-friendly. This design choice ensures that users can easily find what they need without being overwhelmed by options. The dynamic portfolio at the center of the homepage showcases their work effectively, making it the site’s focal point. The alternating black and red background adds visual interest. It helps to differentiate sections, guiding the user’s attention smoothly from one area to another. This combination of subtle navigation, a central portfolio display, and a bold color scheme creates a balanced and engaging user experience. DoublePoint’s design approach highlights their creativity while ensuring the site remains functional and easy to use.

Loud Mob Media

Loud Mob Media’s website integrates modern art and pop culture elements to create a vibrant and engaging user experience. The dynamic cursor adds an interactive and playful touch, making navigation more enjoyable. The sticky menu navigation ensures that users can easily access key sections of the site at any time, enhancing usability. This combination of creative visuals and functional design elements reflects Loud Mob Media’s innovative and youthful brand identity. The use of modern art and pop culture makes the site visually appealing and aligns with the interests of their target audience, providing a memorable and user-friendly browsing experience.


Nerisson’s website uses a combination of dark backgrounds and striking imagery to create a visually engaging experience. The dark backgrounds provide a dramatic backdrop that makes the vibrant images pop, immediately capturing the user’s attention. This contrast helps highlight the visual content, ensuring that key elements stand out. The overall design is clean and modern, focusing on showcasing high-quality images in a way that is appealing and easy to navigate. By combining these elements, Nerisson effectively creates a site that is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, offering visitors a memorable browsing experience.

Kaber Tech

Kaber Tech’s website features clean, modern lines that give it a sleek and professional appearance. Using high-contrast elements ensures important information stands out, making the site easy to navigate and read. This design approach highlights Kaber Tech’s commitment to clarity and usability. The minimalist aesthetic and bold contrasts create a visually appealing and efficient user experience. Kaber Tech effectively communicates its modern and innovative brand identity by focusing on simplicity and functionality, making it accessible and engaging for visitors.

Book of Beards

Book of Beards’ website uses high-contrast visuals to create a bold and engaging experience. The dark background contrasts sharply with the bright images and text, making the content stand out. The site presents its material uniquely and artistically, showcasing beards through creative and visually striking images. This design approach captures attention and adds a distinctive character to the website. Book of Beards combines visual appeal with a clear and memorable user experience by focusing on high-contrast elements and artistic presentation. This strategy ensures that the site’s content is impactful and easy to navigate.


SkillSoft’s website features a navy background panel, making it look professional and sleek. This design choice helps convey a sense of reliability and sophistication. The dark navy background strongly contrasts the white text and elements, ensuring readability and making key information stand out. This clean and modern look aligns with SkillSoft’s brand as a leading provider of professional development and educational resources. Using a navy background also adds a touch of elegance, enhancing the overall user experience by providing a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate site. SkillSoft effectively combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, making the content both attractive and accessible.

Benefits of Dark Mode Websites

Aesthetic Appeal

Dark-mode websites look sleek and modern. The high contrast between dark backgrounds and bright text or images creates a striking and sophisticated appearance. This style is appealing to many users and aligns with contemporary design trends.

Reduced Eye Strain

Dark mode can be easier on the eyes, especially in low-light environments. Many users find it less fatiguing to read white or light text on a black background compared to the traditional dark text on a light background. This can lead to a more comfortable and prolonged browsing experience.

Battery Saving

Dark mode helps save battery life on OLED and AMOLED screens. These screens use less power to display black pixels than white ones. By using dark mode, users can extend the battery life of their devices, making it a practical choice for mobile browsing.

Enhanced Focus

Dark backgrounds help minimize distractions, allowing key content like images, videos, and text to stand out more. This can improve the overall user experience by allowing users to concentrate on the main elements of the website without being distracted by bright backgrounds or unnecessary design elements.

Key Elements of a Dark Mode Website

Color Scheme

Dark-mode websites typically use black or dark grey backgrounds. These dark backgrounds are paired with light-colored text and elements to contrast strongly. Accent colors, such as neon or pastel hues, often highlight important features or establish a visual hierarchy. This helps guide the user’s attention to key areas of the site.


Clear and readable fonts are crucial for dark-mode websites. White or light-colored text is commonly used to ensure readability against a dark background. Sometimes, designers use bold or larger fonts to make the text even more legible. The goal is to ensure that users can easily read and understand the content without straining their eyes.

Visual Content

Images, videos, and graphics should be optimized for dark backgrounds. This often means using visuals with bright highlights or creating custom graphics that complement the dark theme. The aim is to ensure that the visual content stands out and is easily viewable without blending into the background.

User Experience (UX)

A good user experience is essential for any website, including those in dark mode. The site should be easy to navigate, and the text should be easy to read. Avoid elements that might be jarring or difficult to see against a dark background. This helps users find what they want and have a pleasant browsing experience.


Ensuring accessibility is a key part of designing dark-mode websites. This means maintaining sufficient contrast between the background and text so that visually impaired users can read the content. It also involves considering how colorblind users will perceive the site. By making the site accessible, you ensure that all users can enjoy the content without difficulty.

Dark mode websites offer numerous advantages, including a sleek and modern aesthetic, reduced eye strain, battery saving on OLED screens, and enhanced focus on content.

Considering these benefits and design principles, dark mode can be a powerful choice for your next web design project. It improves the user experience and aligns with modern design trends, making your website stand out. Embrace dark mode to enhance your site’s appeal and functionality.

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