Benefits Of Migrating To WordPress

By Priyanka Chouksey

In today’s technological era, WordPress has become prominent Content Management System with its flexibility, search engine optimisation and easy-to-use functionality. It allows users to create interactive, intuitive and scalable websites. It offers a far-reaching range of themes, plugins and other functions which can help you to develop a professional website for your business. In fact, a large number of enterprises and organisations are migrating and switching their existing sites over to WordPress.

Following points give you a deeper insight of influential benefits of migrating a site to WordPress:

Ease of use: WordPress is best known for its simplicity and user-friendliness. Users can easily update websites and blogs without any prior experience or knowledge in coding and web design. Such ease of use means updates made in real time. Whereas in static HTML website, you need hard coding to edit the site, but in WP, it doesn’t require in-depth coding. Even a layperson can build optimised website with basic knowledge of WordPress.

Inexpensive to build: WordPress is cost-effective, it cut downs on a lot of things like cost of outsourcing the website to designers and with the availability of an enormous range of plugins and themes it eradicates the valuable amount of time for building a website.

The myriad range of plugins: WordPress has a huge variety of plugins that allows you to add new features and functionality on the site. It helps you to introduce extra features to the site without any coding. However, in HTML site, you need to do coding or look for alternatives to add additional features such as form, search bar to your site.

Completely customizable: With the availability of thousands of unique plugins and themes for WordPress, you can customise every single aspect of your website. With an entirely customised site, web development company can establish a unique brand and get their online presence to their target markets.

SEO friendly: WordPress offers a massive range of SEO friendly features and tools which can help you to boost your online presence on search engine platform like Google. In addition to this, WordPress comes with some powerful SEO plugins like SEO by Yoast that contains SEO titles, focus keywords, meta descriptions that provide the ability to your website to rank high in search engines.

Flexibility: You can create any websites like the business website, personal blogging site, or online communities and extend it with a number of plugins through WordPress.

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